How to not get sick during winter: GINGER SHOTS

This is my recipe for ginger shots.

All you need are these ingrediens:


  • apples
  • lemon
  • tumeric
  • ginger



If you got no fresh tumeric you can also use the powder version.

I would also recommend using more ginger and tumeric as the picture shows.




Step 1:

Cut everything in pieces and add it into a juicer or if you don´t have one, a  blender does the job too.




Step 2:

Add the juice of a lime.




Step 3:

Mix everything together.



Step 4:

Squeeze the juice out, by using for example a strainer like I did.





Step 5:

Find a bottle and fill the liquid in.



I drink a shot of it every morning and I can say you´ll get used to the flavour. By now I even kinda like it. It´s a fresh start in the morning and I´ve never been sick since I tried it out.

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